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NEWS: ‘School Streets’ trials commence in Hampshire

“A new trial scheme will test how a healthier and safer environment for young people walking and cycling to school could be achieved. It will create low traffic areas at the start and end of the school day…”

Hampshire County Council is running a trial at three schools where streets close to schools will be closed to non-essential traffic at drop-off and pick-up times.

Could the roads near the Primary School in Whitchurch benefit from such a scheme?

HCC say:
The closures will be managed by trained stewards in high-visibility vests between 08.15 – 09.00 hours and 14:30 -15.30 hours approximately. 

Certain exemptions apply, including anyone cycling, residents, emergency services, school transport, blue badge holders, deliveries, businesses within affected area of the street and carers of residents on the street. Any parking restrictions will operate as normal. Unless exempt, parents will not be permitted to drive into the closure zone to drop off or pick up their children. 

Traffic near the Primary School.

School traffic around the two Whitchurch schools is known to be notorious for speeding traffic, blockage of drives, parking on and driving along the pavements and drivers leaving engines idling.

If the trials in Farnham, Gosport and Holbury in the New Forest are successful it is hoped to roll out schemes throughout the County.