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NEWS: Hampshire Transport and Climate Emergency

A Day in Whitchurch? No its not like this; at least not all of the time.
Yet too often it is, with congestion, traffic danger, street furniture damaged, driving on pavements, pedestrians blocked, children at risk, cycling threatened, cracked footways and pollution…
Is that what we want?

Hampshire CC’s Local Transport Plan 4 which will affect us all is out for public consultation.
With Whitchurch due to grow further and with the resultant pressures there will be on the roads, rail and the environment, LTP4 really needs implementing now with over 50% of CO2 emissions coming from transport.

A really useful workshop meeting was held on Saturday (14th May) in Winchester for discussing responses to the HCC’c consultation on its Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4), which sets Travel and related Climate Emergency policies for the next decade and onwards to 2050 – and importantly ‘putting people first’.
Walking and cycling were to the fore along with reduction of car use, improvements to public transport and meeting climate change targets.

Around 40 attended the meeting, mostly in person, but also including some on Zoom with good presentations from County Councillor Martin Tod and Phil Gagg of WinACC. There followed an excellent sharing of ideas along with group working on various aspects of the proposals.

The strongest message was that this a massive opportunity for change and it needs to be grasped.
Delay in dealing with the issues of Travel and Climate cannot be put off any longer.

Although there are some reservations relating mainly to the long timescale, the lack of budget commitment and unclarity on the methodology used. However the principal aims of this Plan are to be commended.
PLEASE respond to the consultation.