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NEWS: Local Transport Plan Survey

Hampshire County Council are inviting all residents to have influence in the early development of the new Local Transport Plan by sharing your views.
This is extremely important for the future of sustainable transport in the County.

What will our transport system look like in 2050?
Should we not be asking for targets and change that 2050 to 2030?

What are we trying to achieve in terms of climate change, economy, the environment and society?
Should we not be demanding firm budget figures for the investment? That seems to be missing.

How will we change the way in which we plan and deliver transport?
To view more information and leave feedback, visit:
Feedback must be submitted directly to HCC by 28 February 2021.

NEWS: Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan

Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan sets out a number of local planning policies until 2029. It was determined by wide consultation with residents and agreed by Referendum.
Sustainable travel of cycling, walking and public transport makes up an important element.
The Town Council is currently looking for local volunteers to help review the Plan as there is potentially a lot more development on the horizon.