Free Dr Bike Checks in Whitchurch

Dr Bike checks are established Safety Checks to ensure cycles are fit for riding. Cycles can be checked over for safety and free advice provided on any adjustments or repairs that might be required.

Minor adjustments will be available as well as the Safety Check assessment.
Independent advice on best sources for any further repair work or servicing can be provided if necessary.

This is FREE in Whitchurch and carried out by a registered cycling provider but small donations are welcome to a charitable cause that hits so many of our friends and families – the Big ‘C’.

Preventative medicine
Carrying out preventative medicine on a cycle can save expensive repair work and can avoid unnecessary breakdowns at those awkward moments.

Bike fit
Free advice is also offered on bike fit to ensure your journeys are as comfortable as possible. Cycle can be correctly adjusted to fit your style of riding.
Those Smiles can then remain Wide.

Please contact BUG for details and to arrange a free cycle check: