Whitchurch Bicycle Users Group supports the creation of a safe sustainable environment where cycling is an integral part of the transport and travel system.
It is a forum for the exchange of all matters related to cycling. 

It promotes and supports initiatives that help create a culture that allows the simple activity of riding a cycle to be undertaken safely and conveniently by all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Cycling is for all.

It embraces, supports and provides advice to all who ride a cycle, and provides a forum for increasing the awareness of and safety of those who cycle.

Whitchurch is a growing town and the importance of the cycle as part of an environmentally clean and low cost means of travel cannot be underestimated. Safe and useable infrastructure is essential whether it is for riding to work, the shops, school or for a leisure cycle into the countryside. Inclusion of cycling needs into planning policies is seen as an essential requirement,
Whitchurch announced a Climate Emergency – cycling can be part of that.