NEWS: An ambitious Plan for transport in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council has launched a public consultation on its ambitious draft Local Transport Plan. This will set the policies for the County’s travel and transport needs and will influence government spending.
With Whitchurch itself likely to expand the Local Transport Plan could and should be a strategic part of any development that might take place.

The document (Local Transport Plan or LTP4) is packed with hopes and ambitions and on the face of it would be a sea-change for Hampshire, bringing travel and climate change to the top of the agenda in planning considerations.

Much is made of the aims to “Live Locally, travel less” and “prioritise walking, cycling and public transport”. This would all be very good for sustainable travel modes if adopted and implemented.

The draft Plan is based on two Guiding Principles:
Significantly reduce dependency of the private car; and
Provide a transport system that promotes high quality, prosperous places and puts people first.

Each Guiding Principle is then broken down into Core Policies which lead to Theme Policies (see diagrams below). There is a particular focus on the climate emergency and the environmental impact of transport.

A Big Question
LTP4 is big on aims but the Big Question to ask is is this yet another exercise of hopes and ambitions or is there any meaningful commitment that will ensure that the Plan can be delivered? This would mean a political will complete with investment that goes beyond production of a ‘Report’?

This is perhaps the biggest opportunity to address travel and related climate issues for many years. Hampshire Cycling groups of which Cycle Whitchurch (BUG) is a participant are collaborating in developing a response.
Locally, Whitchurch Town Council is to decide whether to and how to respond.

Read the draft plan here and provide feedback
The 12-week consultation runs until 26 June 2022 and you can read the information pack and complete the response form here: