NEWS: It gets worse at Mill Springs

It is not only the below standard cycle barriers that restrict users that are causing problems, but now the path surface itself is breaking up, and that’s all before the cycle route / pathway is officially handed into public ownership.

There are now further problems developing at Mill Springs shared Footpath/CycleWay.
Small mounds are appearing in the tarmac surface as organic material below that had not been removed is starting to push through the substandard construction. These ‘mounds’ are already starting to crack. Over the winter any water in them will freeze and expand, breaking up the surface further and creating a danger not only for cycling but also as a trip hazard to pedestrians and anyone with sight impairments.

The issue has been brought to the attention of Whitchurch Town Council as this should be remedied before the path is handed over from the developer into public ownership. If not dealt with now it may result in expensive maintenance and repair costs as well as potential legal claims which would then fall on local residents.

The longer it is left the worse it will become.

Below – just some of the cracks already appearing.