NEWS: White Hart support for Cycling

New cycle parking has been installed at the White Hart in the centre of Whitchurch.

Cycling levels have increased considerably recently, with Whitchurch becoming a popular destination. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, gentle lanes and river valleys and with a selection of shops and cafés, it has hit the cyclists radar as can be seen by the numbers who visit.
Research has shown that investment in cycling facilities can increase revenue considerably resulting in forward looking businesses supporting the activity.

Owned by family brewers Arkell’s, the White Hart provides excellent food, drinks, and accommodation, with a very friendly welcome and is highly recommended. Dedicated cycle parking is low in the town after the Town Council removed parking provision from the centre although it is looking to relocate it elsewhere. That exercise is believed to be ongoing.

An important requirement by those who cycle is that parking should be very close to and convenient to where they are visiting. The White Hart achieves this with the parking incorporated into its new outdoor area.
A visit to the White Hart should not be missed.

New cycle parking.

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