EVENT: Ride & Stride – 11th September

Opportunity to visit Historic Hampshire Churches throughout the area.

On Ride & Stride day whether you are on your own or with a group, or with your family and friends this is a wonderful opportunity to explore unique and unusual historic churches.

At the present time both All Hallows and the Baptist Church are listed as two of the participants in Whitchurch. Many in the local villages and countryside are also taking part and the event is based on visiting as many as you wish.

You will see beautiful countryside while being able to get some exercise travelling between the churches whether you are on foot or on a bike at the same time as raising money for church restorations.

Ride and Stride happens only once a year on the second Saturday in September.
This year it will be on 11th September 2021.

It gives you the opportunity to go inside as many churches as possible, chat with church representatives and learn more about the history and heritage of each individual church.

The sponsorship money you raise will be used for repairs and restoration to the churches and chapels of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for you and the next generation to enjoy.
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