NEWS: Micheldever Road markings

Markings worn away.

Micheldever Road and its junction with Winchester Road is a notorious junction in Whitchurch, being an access point for both the local Primary and Secondary Schools.
It is subject to heavy use by traffic and suffers from road break up, potholes and pavement driving.

Complaints over the road markings have in part been listened to by Hampshire County Council. Exiting Micheldever Road has been hazardous as the Give Way markings had all but been worn away, and with the cracks in the road it had become difficult to see where to pull up to give way.
With difficult sightlines especially for those turning right, there had been some near misses.

The new road markings but the poor surface remains.

The lines have now been replaced although the poor broken surface remains which is a particular hazard for those cycling. It would have been good too, if Hampshire County Council had repainted the 20mph roundels at the same time.
Maybe they ran out of paint.

New markings.

And a pothole:
Now all it needs is for Hampshire to sort out the recurring nearby pot hole and the blocked drain that is becoming a part of Whitchurch history. This has been ‘fixed’ so many times over the years that it is becoming part of Whitchurch’s folklore. Expect grass and weeds to emerge soon as happens most years.
Some say it should be ‘Listed’.