NEWS: Take Care in Mill Springs

New housing estates can often result in hazards for road users especially during construction, but also sometimes later too.

Here is a gentle warning if cycling in the new Whitchurch Mill Springs development. As part of the delineation of road surfaces granite sets have been placed between bricked paving areas and black asphalt surfaces, mostly near junctions. Some quite large gaps have been left between these setts creating channels that are in line with where bicycle wheels would travel.

Normally these would be filled but some remain unfinished even though the roads are open for use. Anything below a 32mm tyre is very likely to result in a loss of control. Indeed thinner tyres as on many sports bikes may cause a crash that could potentially be serious.

This is a warning if out on two wheels. It is accepted the works may not all be finished, but if in the area, take great care.