NEWS: New Cycle path for Whitchurch

Top of Micheldever Road

Whitchurch has its first ever section of official cycle path completed – or more correctly nearly completed.

The approximately 350 metre section runs from the top of Micheldever Road at the town boundary, past the new sports pitches and down to the new sports pavilion/changing rooms at Mill Springs.

It is a traffic-free shared-use path for cycles and pedestrians and has been provided as part of the Mill Springs development.
It is already being used, as lockdown has resulted in a very large increase in walking and cycling.

The barriers at each end could be better – they are not friendly to today’s standards – trailers, family trailer bikes and cargo cycles would all have difficulty – more thought needed. Even a standard bike needs an unnecessary dismount, but these can and should be easy to remedy.

Heading down towards the pavilion

Signage should also be provided.
Once the planned cycle route along Winchester Road with its crossing near the A34 junction is completed, there will be an onward link through to Tufton and beyond into the countryside. Some direction/distance signs would help, and go some way to creating a joined up network.

This route will avoid the necessity to deal with the notorious Micheldever Road junction and the section of Winchester Road that is all too well-known for speeding drivers.

Top of Mill Springs near the pavilion

Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity, has a section on shared-use routes that gives good advice as to their use as well as information on cycle planning.

The new sports pavilion at Mill Springs