NEWS: Opening up the Countryside

Whitchurch is surrounded by beautiful countryside much of it ideal for off-road cycling.
However, the town itself only has one bridleway on which cycling is permitted that provides direct access – from Bloswood Drive northwards over the railway and towards Egbury.
Other routes are either on-road with sharing motor traffic, or footpaths on which cycles are not permitted.
Should there be others?

CyclingUK, the national charity that works for the interests of cycling are asking for details of any ‘missing links’. Duncan Dollimore, CyclingUK’s head of campaigns, has said:
“We want to gather personal stories that show how much we could gain by improving off-road access”.

He explains:
“With close to 80% of the rights of way network in England off-limits to cyclists, it can be really difficult to link up a route on bridleways and byways. Opening up more of our existing network of off-road trails provides so much potential for safe traffic-free routes, and is a cost-effective way of enabling more people to cycle. “

Where could there be better access to our countryside?
It is known that some in the equestrian community would also like some footpaths opened up as bridleways. What about for cycling?
If you know of any routes around Whitchurch please let CyclingUK know: