NEWS: Cycle Parking

With Whitchurch being a popular location for cycling, a local resident had suggested more cycle parking was needed in the Town centre. The Town Council agreed and installed a number of racks.

Many who cycled supported the parking but a few businesses disagreed with their locations, one reason being that they prevented them driving their delivery vehicles up onto the pavements for loading and unloading.
The Town Council reversed its decision and removed the racks.
They now are now looking to place them elsewhere.

Meanwhile if you visit Whitchurch to use the shops or to buy a coffee please try and avoid leaving cycles on shop windows, while the Town Council decides what to do.

Those who use cycles all know the importance of security and that when stopping for a coffee, refreshments or to shop it is important to be able to keep an eye on your bike.
Let us hope that this is given due consideration in the final decision.